Welcome to the World of iBeacon

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You enter a Target store and your shopping list is transformed into a personalized map, displaying the deals to you that will appeal to you most.

You stop in front of an event poster on the street, dig out your phone, and you will see an invitation to purchase tickets with a simple tap. You hang out at your favorite bar, have a drinks, and simply leave, having paid and tipped!

This week Apple has turned on its iBeacon technology on home turf, so now shoppers at its 254 US stores can receive information to their iDevices relevant to specific products as they look around the store. The location-sensing technology can be used to send a variety of information to those nearby the iBeacon transmitters, including details on products, events, and offers.

Macy’s began testing iBeacon in stores in New York and San Francisco in November of this year in partnership with shopping-app company Shopkick, alerting store visitors to discounts and recommendations.

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