The Most Valuable Innovators Already Work For You!

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It's that time of the year again… 2014 has just started and forecasts, predictions, and trend reports are sprouting everywhere. Not a surprise, since every single branding, design, or business consulting agency now claims to be an expert in innovation.

With the amount of content we are bombarded with any single day by linkedin updates, email subscriptions, facebook and blog posts, tweets, or more traditional news, it has become very hard to keep up. One now starts to become more concerned about what we miss than what we actually hear about and learn… the problem being that our work day unfortunately requires us to do work, resulting in the inability to consume all offered content!

Here's a thought for you, VP's of Marketing, Product Development, and Innovation: Invest into a culture of innovation inside your organization in order to ensure your business is ahead of the game. Empowering employees to think about the future of your firm not only builds great culture, but also leverages brains of the people who already know your business best. No doubt there's great value in learning about latest trends and working with marketing partners who specialize in envisioning what's needed to get your business to the next level – but the most valuable innovators might well be working for you already!