The 2015 Trend Outlook

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A guide on how to deliver on consumer expectations over the next 24 months

Inspiring new trends from around the world, paired with lasting values that remain highly relevant to your audiences: what will drive the next wave of growth for your business? NOT just another take on “The 10 Things to watch out for in 2015”

Not too long ago, there were very few “Innovation Consultancies” – now anyone who is even remotely active in the branding or marketing business claims to be an expert in Innovation. A few years back it was resourceful to read a trend report from one of the leading forecasters. Now everyone publishes their outlook on the next 10 hot things to watch out for, then feeds it through social media channels like facebook, twitter, slideshare, or linkedin, and consequently overwhelms us every morning when we open up our emails. We simply don’t have the time to read them all.

Have you actually watched out for those things ‘to watch out for’? If you did, you would have come to realize that many of those predicted drastic changes actually have not taken place. Why? Because as much as human nature embraces change, there is also a strong desire for the comfort that is brought to us by knowing that some things will remain the same.

Strong brand systems are characterized by the ability to combine ‘the established’ and ‘the new’ in the right proportions. This is the secret behind successful innovation: when faced with innumerable trends, the real challenge is to identify those trends that are relevant to your brand and to integrate them in a self-similar manner. Equally important is to be cognizant of the things that you shouldn’t change since your audience is deeply in love with them and would not want to see them go.