Rotate: The Cool Hunter Pop-up Store

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Rotate: Curated by The Cool Hunter – A completely new surprising shopping experience every 8 weeks. Always new, always different, always changing.

One of the world’s most popular design blogs is opening a store in Martin Place. 

The shop that is always changing, bringing customers a constantly evolving and exciting way to buy and experience brands.

The Cool Hunter founder Bill Tikos is curating a pop-up store in Sydney. The store offers an ever-changing collection of modern art, apparel, and home goods from local and international reknown designers. The store’s merchandise collection follows different theme, from Summer Lovers and The Art Hunter to Color Your World and Winter Wonderland. And everything in the store, of course, is part of a limited edition.

"Rather than repeat ourselves this year, we wanted to evolve this cool concept. The result: Rotate by The Cool Hunter – a store that will stay in place for a year but the theme will change every eight weeks. New theme, new store, new everything every two months. Blink, and the shop has changed completely! Blink, and you’ve missed it! If you want it, you need to buy it now. It won’t be there next time" says Bill.
Say 'so long' to old and established conventions of retail experiences. Every mall, every airport, ever high street – same stores, same brands, same everything. Rotate by The Cool Hunter is a store full of surprises, the idea that is never finished. The entire setup and product mix will change every 8 weeks.

Bill Tikos sure knows how to keep you coming back, learn more here.