Not just “bla-bla” at all!

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Finding the perfect place and time for a marketing message!

BlaBla Car is a service across Europe that connects drivers that have spare seats in their cars with people who are looking for a ride. Clever! Sustainable, an idea that has been around for a while, and got a boost through mobile app technology. What BlaBla mastered like few others before though, is to find the perfect place to get their marketing message across to their key audience – gas station nozzles! Yes!!! In marketing the holy grail is to figure out this: who is your audience, where are they, at which moment in time, when in the need for what you have to offer! The gas station, refilling the car, again. Sure, gas prices are at record lows, but it's still that exact moment when we refill the car when we think about how to keep those costs at a minimum. And here they are... BlaBla – telling us a way to cut our costs by 75%. That's what we call extremely clever marketing. Congrats to BlaBla!