Fascinating Secrets behind the World’s Superbrands

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The BBC produced three equally insightful and entertaining documentaries shining some light onto the secrets of some of the world's superbrands in fashion, food, and technology.

Alex Riley, a quirky British guy, thinks like many of us that he is not influenced by brands. When it comes to fashion, technology and food brands he just buys the most affordable and what suits him. He's convinced his decisions are not steered by advertising, celebrity endorsements and hype which surrounds big global brands. So how did that pair of Adidas trainers get in his wardrobe? And how did some other brands sneak into his cabinets and daily routine? With the help of marketeers, brain scientists and some behind-the-curtain access to the world of the superbrands Alex explores why we buy them, believe them, even idolise them. We highly recommend taking the time to enjoy these well-done short movies about brands that have conquered the world: link