Dirk Kammerzell receives The New School Distinguished Teaching Award

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An outstanding honor celebrated at the Commencement Ceremony of The New School

The award was presented by Joel Towers (Executive Dean, Parsons School of Design) and Yewon Amy Jung (Graduate of Fine Arts in Integrated Design Curriculum). Here her presentation speech:

"It is my greatest pleasure to present this award today, acknowledging Professor Dirk's remarkable ability to empower students through curiosity and passion. His branding class has built an environment for discovery, teaching us creative ways to make a change in the world, as designers and as human beings. We woke up to his never ending enthusiasm and left with our very own excitement of breakthrough innovation. Rare moments, I may add, for a 9 am class.

Many professors have the eye to recognize a student's potential to grow beyond their perceived capacity, but only a few are directly influential in their development. As someone who has witnessed the success of his graduated students, I can confidently state that he is indeed one of these distinguished professors who has enriched the education of his field. He reminds us that designing is our version of play. 

Although he has numerous industry distinctions of his own, I hope this award in particular encourages him to continue spreading his knowledge to the students lucky enough to find a spot in his class. I am more than honored to present this well-deserved award to an outstanding professor, creative design expert, and mentor, Dirk Kammerzell."

Here the Ceremony Video