Amazon Prime Air – The Future is (almost) here!

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos looks to the future – What's next for the company that prides itself on disrupting tradition?

Selling Everything to Everyone around the world as fast as possible – Amazon's mission in a nutshell! "If you go back in time 18 years, I was driving the packages to the post office myself, and we were very primitive" says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

This week Amazon revelead their latest innovation, small delivery drones, octocopters, that are planned to operate in urban areas promising half and hour delivery! It’s an audacious plan that Bezos says requires more safety testing and FAA approvals, but he estimates that delivery-by-drone, called Amazon “Prime Air,” will be available to customers in as soon as 4-5 years.

Bezos played a Prime Air demo video for the 60 Minutes team around Charlie Rose that showed how his octocopters will pick up packages in small yellow buckets at Amazon’s fulfillment centers and whiz through the air to deliver items to individual customers 30 minutes after they hit the “buy” button online at

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